“Robin Starbuck is an avant-garde New York filmmaker and video artist whose work examines the ways images are used to inform, insinuate, provoke, and intrigue.  Her upcoming short experimental documentary titled "How We See Water" explores the intersections of indigenous history and contemporary life in Chiapas, Mexico through the lives of two young women who work to gain their independence through education.  Ruminative, but with an undercurrent of urgency the film seeks to illuminate the struggles, joys, and contradictions in these young women's lives through the visual experiences that attend them.”  Paden Douglas

For  this film I and my assistants at Bishee Productions are working with two young women in San Cristobal de las Casas recording their daily lives as artisans and street vendors in the city. Working with advice from several San Cristobal organizations, Melel Xojobal, the Na Bolom Museum, and Chantiik, we are engaging with these young women as they seek to fulfill their goals in gaining an education while they also play vital roles in earning income with their families. The survival of both adults and children in indigenous Chiapian families is both fragile and rich with meaning.

The Melel Xojobal organization’s stated mission is to ‘empower the child indigenous population in Chiapas through reinforcing their dignity and improving their quality of life through education.‘  We support their mission and are working to represent the stories of these children and their parents with care to the inclusion of each subject’s perspective regarding their own representation. As with most of my work, my aim is to produce a film that is largely artistic and lyrical. The film will be auto-ethnographical and will address cultural positions such as variant perspectives on childhood and the value of education for young women seeking greater degrees of independence.  R. Starbuck

Unit 1 Crew:

Director/Producer/Writer: Robin Starbuck

Field Producer: Scott Duce

First Camera: Jeremiah Davis and Scott Duce

Additional Camera: Hannah Rifkin, Tori Himes, Sofia Seidel, and Robin Starbuck

Field Audio Recorder: Tori Himes and Robin Starbuck

Interpreters: Miles Gordon, Xochi Sanchez, Sas Weber

Research Assistant: Julia Prushan

Unit 2 Crew:

Director/Producer/Writer: Robin Starbuck

Field Producer: Scott Duce

First Camera: Scott Duce

Additional Camera: Jeremiah Davis and Robin Starbuck

Field Audio Recorder: Robin Starbuck

Interpreters: Sofia Siedel,and Amber Zimay

Research Assistants: Xueni Yang, Sofia Seidel

Unit 3 Crew:

Director/Producer/Writer: Robin Starbuck

Field Producer: Scott Duce

First Camera: Robin Starbuck and Scott Duce

Additional Camera: Isabella Vargas

Interpreter/Subtitles: Isabella Vargas

Communications Management: Paden Douglas


How We See Water
Release Date Fall, 2018https://vimeo.com/245081264
 LINK TO: The Making of How We See Waterhttps://vimeo.com/245081264